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The Best Way to Ship Cookies Is Fast As with any perishable, speed is of the essence when it comes to shipping cookies. This post kind of reminds me of my high school physics class when we had our egg drop competition. I share easy recipes, stories about my family (which includes my pets) and my travels. Believe me, I have a wall of shelves filled with … They're less likely to … Lisa — August 23, 2016 @ 7:01 am Reply. Close the box and seal every seam of the box with packing tape, this helps keep moisture out of the box. I am so excited to participate in this year’s swap!!! Thanks for the tips! Outside of Utah it’s $22.95 2-day standard shipping—we used zip codes on the east coast, midwest and in the west, and this number didn’t budge. Getting cookies delivered to your party is one … Now when I ship treats I always wrap them in plastic wrap and then cushion them in their decorative tin with plain popcorn. Consider UPS® Simple Rate – which offers standardized shipping rates for small packages across the United States. XO! As of 7pm on Thursday, we have over 470 food bloggers signed up. I love your cookies! Sign up before November 5th! And I actually have a little kitchen... © 2020. 6. Sadly, buttery flaky fragile cookies will most likely be crumbs by the time they arrive. Who doesn’t love cookies? 500 cookies! (See a list of great recipes for packing and shipping at the bottom of this post) Use food safe materials. USPS Priority Mail Express is the Postal Service’s fastest shipping service, with overnight delivery to most urban destinations, and 2-day delivery to and from rural locations. My company sent a lot of packages every month so the price was cheaper than going to a retail shipping location. LOL It sounds like you are going to be busy lady! You’ll never have to visit the Post Office again! There was an error submitting your subscription. TheMilitaryWifeandMom site has some cute, […]. For heavy items, consider using USPS flat-rate boxes. Save Money by Reusing Shipping Boxes. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hope he enjoys the cookies and please thank him for his service! I just had to pay out of pocket the shipping price. The cool thing about Priority Mail Cubic is that its prices are based on your package’s outer dimensions, and not its total weight. Published December 11, 2019 at 1000 × 665 in The Cheapest Way to Ship Cookies and Baked Goods. Parchment paper is easy to cut to fit any box and of course, food safe. These also tend to be the cookies that stay fresh and tasty for longer. Bubble wrap gave the cookies the protection they needed — just one angel cracked in half. We were thinking of giving away candies in boxes, so I think it was helpful when you mentioned that we should make sure that the box provides ample protection since it is still a food. It’s much more expensive than Priority Mail Cubic (or regular Priority Mail, for that matter), but it’ll get your goods to your recipients much faster. USPS offers the best rates for shipping guitars with shipping software...but don't forget to buy insurance. This goes without saying, but getting your package to your recipient the fastest way possible is the best way to ensure your cookies and baked goods keep their freshness. Not every cookie is suited to shipping (that means that no matter how good they are, your delicate little tuiles are probably not the best choice). As long as it doesn’t exceed 20 pounds the total volume stays under 0.5 cubic feet, the price won’t change. Thanks to the advent of eCommerce, expert bakers have been able to turn baking into businesses by shipping their products to cookie lovers all around the world. Shipping School is a free educational resource built by shippers, for shippers. Here are some ideas. Line the bottom of your box with a layer packing peanuts. Choose Cookies That Will Ship. Many of our best Christmas cookies ship like a charm. Great tips! Look at your options – try to find the best price with the fastest service since your cookies will be in transit for a few days. Thanks Julie. Save peanuts and bubble wrap from boxes you receive from online ordering so you don't have to purchase it. Refrain from using zippered plastic bags as the. Using free online USPS shipping software is the cheapest way to ship dolls and toys, with services like First Class Package and weight-based Priority Mail. The cheapest way is to find a box (I save then when I receive something) or stop in any store or office and see if they have one they are throwing out. How to Ship Cookies Place two cooled cookies together back to back. Priority Mail is guaranteedto get your cookies to theirdestination within 1 to 3 days. in college (they have now since been bought out by the UPS Store) and am hoping I can give you advice to help you save the most money whether you're shipping cookies for the cookie swap or holiday gifts! Thanks for the all the tips! Best best for packaging material – use packing peanuts or paper since it's based on pounds. Patrick Allan . Looking forward to this again! Soggy, leaky boxes do not … Any suggestions on how to ship 500 undecorated sugar cookies? I loved being a part of this last year and can’t wait until this year! 10. Hi Carla, WOW! If you’re looking to ship cookies or baked goods, here’s a couple tips to help you save the most money. How to Pack a Box Line the bottom of your box with a layer packing peanuts So, the smaller your packaging is, the more money you’ll keep in your pocket! I worked at a pack and ship shop called Mailboxes, Etc. ???? Have a question? We’re here to help eCommerce businesses navigate the complicated waters of shipping, so they can focus on the things that really matter like growing their business. The trick: Pack your tin snugly so the cookies won't move in transit. The Little Kitchen is a registered mark owned by Julie Deily. I can’t wait for this to come. There’s not too many laws in cookie land. I just shipped my cookies out today, so excited and looking forward to the rest of this fun event. Although we have lots of ideas in mind, one of the things that we are still undecided about is the giveaways. And I can’t believe you’re already at 470. Are you sending them to me! Costs anywhere from $5 to $15 depending on weight. Such great tips, and I love the little cookie swap labels! My egg didn’t break and my trick was that I placed it in a box filled with plain air popped popcorn then put that box inside another box filled with shredded paper. Postal Service will be your best bet for cheap shipping. Scared of the lines at the post office? Please try again. Love the tips! • Choose Your Cookies with Care: The best cookies to ship are those that are fairly firm and sturdy, like crinkle cookies, thumbprint cookies, gingerbread, Mexican wedding cookies, and sugar cookies. Pro Tip: Priority Mail Cubic rewards smaller packages with higher levels of savings. And thanks for the tutorial on how to pack baked goodies – that’s always good info to know! Packing cookies in anything but an airtight container. ship cookies and baked goods. With eCommerce growing rapidly each year, shipping is more important than ever before. Care Package FAQs – Life on the LSU Campus, Cranberry +Chocolate Slice n’ Bake Cookies + The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap | cups + spoonfuls, Stop Lookin'. I never knew about the free usps boxes… that’ll save me some hassle. (USPS cost calculations are based on ounces.). Guitars are fragile items with odd dimensions. If you need to tweak it or adapt it a little, feel free. Can’t wait to send my cookies out AND get a bunch in return! Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Shipping: For one dozen cookies, shipping within Utah is $13 standard shipping. Not all cookies travel well; certain cookies tend to ship better than others do. I cant wait to be a part of it this year . Can You Ship Soda and Carbonated Drinks with USPS? In some cases, depending on how far it needs to go, UPS Ground can even be next day. Choose wisely – some cookies ship better than others, like shortbreads, sugar cookies, etc. This box has to be checked in order to leave a comment. Pricing: One dozen cookies start at $23.50. =). Taste of Home. It only costs a couple of bucks on top of the postage price anyway, so it’s absolutely worth it. This service features quick delivery between 1 and 3 business days, and only costs $3 to $4 per package depending on where you’re shipping to! Before shopping for your Christmas cookie ingredients, be sure to check for Challenge® and Country Crock® butter coupons! Insurance will cover you in the event that your package gets lost in transit, or if your items arrive damaged (or spoiled). Looking for some recommendations? So check the. Bring your mail room or company administrator some cookies as a thank you too! Sending cookies to a loved one far away is always a sweet sentiment until they arrive in crumbles. Experts say Priority Mail isthe best option for cookiesthat could become stale. Thanks for sharing! Whether you’re using First Class Package or Priority Mail Cubic to ship your cookies, you will save the most money when you use free shipping software to buy USPS postage online. Try baking the cookies the morning of the day you're going to send them, or at least the night … How to Ship Baked Goods Choose your baked goods wisely. Step 1 Send cookies that are durable to avoid breakage. International Shipping for Beginners: The Basics. Be sure to check out these sites before you ship your sweet treats this holiday […], […] tips on how to ship cookies – read here and here. The custard could spoil, making a very unwelcome gift. If you have any shipping or packaging questions, ask them below in the comments! Don't mail cookies with custard or custard-like fillings or toppings, including cheesecake bars or Nanaimo bars. Select an express shipping option to get your cookies delivered as fast and as fresh as possible. Besides choosing the cheapest way to ship your package, there are other ways you can save money on shipping. Here are some of the key ways to get your cookies there safe and sound. Choose sturdy materials. We all learn from one another and from trying things. Sign up for our newsletter to start receiving updates, right to your inbox. Use their online service to print the label or use that automated machine at your post office. Buy on Speaking of the Post Office: the best part about using USPS shipping software is the ability to buy and print your postage at home. How Can I Change My Address with the Post Office? So, we always suggest purchasing additional shipping insurance with this particular service. Tips for Packing and Shipping Cookies. Check out our Reviews page for resources on shipping software, fulfillment partners, custom packaging companies and more! Get Cookin'. In most cases, the U.S. . When you want to share cookies with far-away friends or family, you’ll need to take extra care to make sure those goodies don’t crumble by the time they arrive. Source: Julie Blanner. I thought I'd share how to package and ship your cookies and the best ways to ship them. She is turning 7, and we want to throw the best birthday celebration for her. Welcome to The Little Kitchen! Thanks so much for the tips — I will be using your guide this year to ship the cookies to my matches (and to my daughter in college)! Wrap each sandwich up individually and tightly. Required fields are marked *. Priority Mail at USPS needs to bepackaged in the post office's boxes. My hands down favorite service. Stumbled upon your site when looking for ways to ship cookies. Similar to First Class Package and other Priority Mail services, delivery occurs between 1-3 business days. Ship in a box rather than a padded envelope, sometimes they get beat up pretty good in transit. For that matter, any cookie that requires refrigeration is not a good candidate for the mail. I most definitely have to look into the company mail room to save some money. I had always wondered if there was a “right” side to bubble wrap when wrapping things, now I know, thanks! Save peanuts and bubble wrap from boxes you receive from online ordering so you don't have to purchase it. use free shipping software to buy USPS postage online, USPS Discounts: The Different Postage Pricing Tiers, Pegasus Fulfillment (now Selery Fulfillment). I’m sure it will be a blast and what a pretty packaging! First time visiting The Little Kitchen? HOW TO SHIP ROLLED COOKIES Rolled cookies, or cut-out cookies, are the kind where you roll out the dough with a rolling pin (and then cut into cute shapes with cookie cutters!). Thank you for all the great ideas, my grandson is in the Army in Seattle I told him I would send him some cookies as he can’t be home for Christmas he is all excited but then I thought how am I going to pack these so he doesn’t get a box of crumbs, I told him they would be late as I have been trying to figure out how to pack them, so thanks for the great ideas! Shipping can cost anywhere from $5 to $15 depending on how heavy the box is and how far it needs to travel. Thank you for the instructions and putting this together. Mostly just ideas and experience. Hi Pam, this makes me so happy! » Aunt Bonnie’s Roll-out Sugar Cookies for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, How to Make Homemade Pasta with KitchenAid, Be sure to use food safe packaging such as treat boxes or tins. gifts cookies baking food food hacks shipping holidays. I also took shipping advice from the Little Kitchen. Such a useful post, thank you so much Julie! I can’t wait to send out my cookies. We have an answer (or several)! In some cases, Commercial Pricing rates can be up to 90% off what you’d pay at the Post Office! If your package of cookies weighs under 1 lb (16 oz), then USPS First Class Package Service will hands down be your cheapest option to ship them. Check out our Christmas Cookies Baking Guide! If shipping cookies, you may wish to make them into bars instead of individual cookies. The only thing about First Class Package is that it doesn’t come with any built-in USPS insurance. Just read about the Cookie Swap event – how fun! Start Here. Feel free to reach out and drop him a line! One of the ways I save money on shipping is to keep boxes I get from Amazon and other deliveries. I prefer USPS for shipping and lately I have been scheduling a pickup so I leave the package at the door and they pick it up for me. We use it all the time, it's called the Automated Postal Center. Most shipping software solutions even let you schedule free USPS pickups when your letter carrier comes to deliver your mail. […] blog, Love and Olive Oil, offered great shipping tips. 12/10/16 6:00PM • Filed to: gifts. Arrives in 2-3 days and is your best bet. Overfill the box with packing peanuts by just a little bit. I mailed some cookies to my husband this summer and that didn’t go so well so thanks for the guide! Plan to mail the cookies as quickly as you can. This way the packing peanuts tuck in between the bubbles and adds extra cushioning. And if it's to a business address, it's not only guaranteed, it's a little cheaper than shipping to a residential. So convenient! I'm Julie and I love to cook, bake, eat and share (not necessarily in that order). Learn about the cheapest (and some of the quickest) ways to ship cookies and baked goods. These are usually flat on both sides and much thinner than drop-style cookies. Rather than having them arrive broken or otherwise in bad condition, there is a proper way to mail them. Make sure you have enough boxes for the cookies and boxes for shipping before you start baking so when the cookies are ready to ship, you're ready to go. Of course, shipping cookies starts with, well, the cookies. I don't know enough about the newest FedEx service. Best for Parties: Eleni’s Cookies. ), then the cheapest option is USPS Priority Mail Cubic. Sign up today to receive exclusive content and news from The Little Kitchen: Success! Go for hard, crunchy cookies, like shortbread cookies, biscotti and kipplens (especially if you’re shipping them in hot weather). My cousin is going to celebrate her birthday next month. I’ll try to keep this short. Ask us and have a qualified shipping industry expert help you with your next shipment! Julie and Lindsay both have great […], Great information! Standard post usps is the cheapest way but I just tell them to send it whatever is cheapest. Use this pretty (yet sturdy!) Trackbacks are closed, but you can post a comment. If the total weight of your package exceeds 1 pound (that’s a lot of cookies! In addition, Priority Mail Cubic comes with $100 of built-in insurance. Shortbreads like Lemonades, Thanks a Lots and Trefoils are ideal for the mail. How Long Does First Class Mail Take to Arrive? packaging technique to ensure your cookies travel safely. UPS cost calculations are based on pounds. Best bet for packaging material – use packing peanuts not paper. Bookmarking it! He's on a mission to shed light on shipping so small businesses can succeed. And one more thing, try your company's mail room, where I used to work, I was able to ship via my company's UPS account. 2 / 11. Choose a cookie that is sturdy to begin with and you’re well on your way. Your email address will not be published. Rockwell Sands is a shipping guru and a wizard with words. I put them in our storage area so I … For example, when I ship to most addresses in Florida (excluding the panhandle), it arrives the very next day. Great tips! Share the joy of cookies sold by the Girl Scouts, both to those selling them and to the person who receives them in excellent shape. Plus, if your package arrives after the guaranteed delivery time, it’s super easy to get a full refund for the cost of your postage! Thanks! thanks for the tips, Julie! Great tips! Packaging Cookies for Shipping. Like we always say: shipping doesn’t have to be rocket science! If you're reusing a box, be sure to cross out or remove any old addresses or barcodes. Visit any UPS Store or pack & ship place. If you're using bubble wrap, the bubbles go on the outside (trust me), the flat side of the bubble wrap on the inside. I know this uses a little extra plastic wrap but you really don’t need much per cookie sandwich. I’m looking forward to participating . USPS First Class Package Is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Package of Cookies Under 1 Pound If your package of cookies weighs under 1 lb (16 oz), then USPS First Class Package Service will hands down be your cheapest option to ship them. You want your cookies to arrive not stale and in good condition so your swapee can enjoy them! The correct answer is nobody. Make sure you have enough boxes for the cookies and boxes for shipping before you start baking so when the cookies are ready to ship, you're ready to go. This is what I do when I ship cookies, but it isn’t the only way, just what works for me. If you bake the cookies on a Saturday afternoon, then they won't ship until Monday, which means you've wasted almost two full days of cookie freshness. Save. […] I’m mailing care packages to my 2017 LSU grad who is teaching in Texas, I have had success using Little Kitchen’s tips on mailing cookies so they arrive in good shape. Tips for Shipping Homemade Cookies the Right Way. Another way to make shipping cheaper is the avoid buying shipping boxes if you can. The best shipping software companies offer the deepest level of USPS discounts available, known as Commercial Pricing. Package items that can melt, thaw or contain liquid in watertight plastic. That’s so amazing! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. After growing frustrated with all of the inaccurate (and boring) shipping resources out there, he decided to combine his love of writing and shipping into educational articles on Shipping School. Be sure to select anappropriately sized box. That means that you can load your boxes up with as many cookies and baked goods as you can fit to maximize your margins! Have cookies will travel. Your email address will not be published.

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