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2. Most of the Chinese companies always provide you with this particular document together with a copy at some point of the shipment. For that reason, I’m going to review the different tariffs and import taxes that are applicable in this situation. It is often an irritating feeling which at times can raise emotive issues that might be unnecessary at that moment. 8.DFH is professional in the right HS code for your goods and avoids the wrong Code that causes the tax higher. Smuggling Report: 010-65222882. Cultured or natural pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, metals covered with precious metals, precious metals, coins, imitation jewelry. STATEMENT. Documents required for import custom clearance, 6. The products are classified depending on the commodity code. Mainly, this document shows the specific point where the cargo comes from. Along with all the other documents required by the authorities to complete the clearance process, a CIF document is also required. Many freight forwarders can be custom brokers, but not every custom broker offers freight forwarding services. Arms and ammunition and their parts or accessories. Chapter 3: China Customs Clearance Procedure. China clearance documents are the standard paperwork you will need to prepare when importing products from a Chinese company. What is the process flow of import clearance? In general, this document is necessary as a supporting document in the commercial invoice. And this should happen without any unanticipated interruptions both at the departure port in China and at the destination port in your country. Custom’s official procedure is always simple and straightforward. The CIF price includes the reasonable amount with the following items added; Expectedly, the Chinese customs have a database where they can check your CIF price. Import tax revolves around several elements. Walking sticks, footwear, headgear, umbrellas, whips, seat sticks, riding crops, artificial flowers, prepared feathers, and human hair, Plaster, stone, cement, asbestos, mica, ceramic, glass and glassware. After receiving the pass order, the goods you’re importing can now move out of the customs area. Essentially, some allow importation of particular products without a CCC certificate or any other type of documentation that’s deemed necessary. Not all items attract excise taxes. This is one of the vitally important documents you require for import customs clearance. Mostly, a freight forwarder is always available as a company. This ever-increasing interest has necessitated the Chinese customs authority to come up with various policies to guide the entire process. You also need to note that products are usually detained and charged for storage until you provide the necessary documents. vi. A shipping bill is a report that serves as a sort of measuring record by custom authorities. CHINA IMPORT CUSTOMS CLEARANCE PROCESS Alcoholic beverages, Cosmetics, Grain samples, Seeds, Foodstuffs & Plants The importer must obtain a Certificate of Quarantine from the Local Inspection & Quarantine Authority. Without these documents, clearing your goods may prove to be a difficult exercise, if not impossible. Fur, mane, bones, horns, oil and fats, flesh (viscera included) and the corresponding products. Custom clearance work is to execute policies and present the paperwork necessary for facilitating importation and exportation of goods. It also depends on the types of goods that getting into a country. It is vital to know the costs involved to pay for different tariffs and import taxes when exporting to China. Whether you are importing goods into China or exporting goods out of China, there is a stipulated process you must follow to complete the exercise. As of today, DFH Global Logistics handles custom clearance in China and these other countries. And, I know you are possibly asking yourself: What is Harmonized Custom Tariff Numbers (HS Codes)? Edible birds’ nests excluding canned birds’ nests. Incidentally, should any certification or test reports miss, you’ll need to provide the missing documents or a CIQdeclaration. But if you’re not sure of the capability and experience of manufacturer regarding export knowledge, seek a reliable forwarder. Several factors may influence waiting times, but on average, all imported articles take as long as 3-7 days to be cleared. When you order products from China you will want to make sure they arrive on time and without any unexpected delays - both at the departure port in China and at the arrival port in … Value Added taxes are imposed on not only goods but also on services at different stages of production. To pass the customs clearance, it’s crucial that you confirm what certifications and standards you need to meet and prepare all documents needed. There are different types of custom clearance fees, as you will see below. Imports not subjected to random sampling will be directly released provided a written compliance record. Integrity Report: 010-12360. Wood pulp, other fibrous cellulose items, recovered waste and scrap items, paper and paperboard, and related articles. Moreover, a freight forwarder handles additional services that are part of the international shipping business i.e. Importantly though, as an importer, you need to grasp some basic knowledge and understanding of customs clearance basics from China. You also need to include GST payments as part of the entire cost. If you’re an importer and you fail to maintain a good compliance record with AQCIQ. Food, drugs or other things that could harm humans and animals and are infectious or for epidermis areas. Some of the items that you need to consider. Authorization and entrustment agreement for clearance customs. They can also be custom brokers too, but not every custom broker is a freight forwarder. And for that reason, you may realize that you will not necessarily need some of these documents when shipping some products and vice versa. After goods packed for export, necessary export customs clearance documents required by China load port customs are prepared. A bill of entry is a document filed by the importer of a cargo. We also handle the following processes for clients: A customs broker is a licensed individual or any entity that handles administration for importers and exporters of goods. The VAT is paid on product tariffs mentioned above. Some goods would require an additional physical assessment to make sure the declaration is accurate. It indicates the total outward transmittal of a nation which is under the control of the reserve bank and customs department. A Custom broker’s core focus is on the import aspect of an export transaction. Customs clearance at the port of destination. Pathogens of animals and plants, injurious insects and other harmful. In a nutshell here are the quick steps to take. With DFH Global Logistics help, you can identify the category under which your shipment falls. Therefore, you need a reliable China partner to help you overcome these obstacles. How to do Customs Clearance Right If you are using a customs broker, you will need to sign a Power of Attorney in order for them to work on your behalf as an importer. In some cases, a freight forwarder can double up as part of your logistics plan. The importer clearing the goods for domestic consumption has to file bill of entry in four copies; original and duplicate are meant for customs, third copy for the importer and the fourth copy is meant for the bank for making remittances. Some exported items also attract custom duty fees as well. Currently, H2000 is what traders use for notifications. At the time a valuable consignment could be under a letter of credit basis. If you choose DFH Global Logistics to handle your customs clearance, you are handling such a responsibility to an experienced establishment with the wealth of experience and expansive network to see the process through. This includes presentation of a Bill of Entry containing details such as description of goods, value, DFH Global Logistics custom broker. Bansar can handle this the whole customs clearance process very well. And again, it is also fundamental that you have basic knowledge of how to calculate taxable amount. A country of origin certificate is an exporter’s declaration certifying that the goods about to be shipped have been produced and packaged in the country of origin. © Copyright - Air freight, Ocean freight, Road freight international forwarder. Wood articles, wood charcoal, cork articles, straw, basket articles, wicker articles, and other plating articles. But some issues beyond control may cause a wide range of delays. Do you have any questions about China customs? 6.DFH is the company with the experience to handle your customs clearance well and knows what to do should any issues arise with the skills for facilitating customs clearance, 7.Suitable identification of the goods, verifying customs clearance services the declarations. Previously, H833 was the conventional system for customs declaration. To know that such exemption regulations only apply to a few products including the following; But you should also take note of the fact that in most cases the customs clearance deny issuance of such exemptions even when you apply. Accepting an application and reviewing an application process must be completed within half working a day. VAT is an indirect tax levied on services or products produced in a country. A custom packing list is pasted on the container detailing the port of destination so as to avoid shipping the container to a wrong destination. Once the products reach China, the food products are inspected by Customs officials for review of relevant shipping documentation and labeling requirements. So you’ll realize that the Chinese government provides suppliers with export rebates ranging from 0% to 17%. If your plan is to engage in the importation and exportation of goods in and out of China, you need to be aware of the customs clearance procedures and documentary requirements involved in the entire process. Other dairy products which are not heat treated as well as whey powder, silkworm chrysalis, silkworm eggs, animal blood and its products, products of aquatic animals and so on. The differences are subtle, but there are certain responsibilities handled by one but not the other. These codes are applicable worldwide for classifying goods traded in the country. The type of documents required for customs clearance usually depends on the type of goods … Arguably, the first section of the customs clearance procedure is quite demanding and detailed. So how do you ensure that you achieve this? This means that how much you pay as Custom duty is never static but changes from time to time. Approval for Temporarily Imported or Exported Goods. This is also another document that you’ll have to avail as part of full filling Chinese customs policies. This, of course, has to be within the regulations of, and other policies revolving around customs entry. Customs regulations in China have mandated requirements in the export and import clearance process. Again, you also need to know that nowadays such declarations are managed electronically. In some cases, importers pay VAT in addition to tariffs. Procedure for Clearance of Imported and Export Goods 1. While we’re on the subject, if an import license is a requirement, you must provide it. Should the customs inspection team request for certification it’s imperative to verify, CEL, or CFDA for the specific products. iii. The clearing of cargo in China involves a lot of procedures, and like what is obtainable in many other countries, customs clearance can pose a form of trade barrier to shippers largely due to a lack of transparency over tariff rates, trade licenses, and other complicated procedural processes. This is a declaration made by the exporter to the customs if the buyer (importer) is not 100% sure about the nature or quality of the items being shipped. But if you want to avoid miscalculations, the smart move will be to rely on the help of experts to value your items in order to ascertain an accurate figure. Human blood and other corresponding products. It is required on all electronic customs declarations. Animals and animal products; the following animals and animal products are prohibited; All living animals (except dogs and cats) and their sperm, zygotes, embryos and other genetic things. Under the new rules, the relevant authorities must comply with the specified timelines for different types of products for each kind of inspection and quarantine process. Charges vary depending on the product, but the basic duty may range between 7%-25%. Ideally, the process requires three key documentation which includes the following; Other papers you will need for specific goods would be: As an importer, you should always confirm all these among others before you ship any unique documentation. A commercial invoice is used by customs officials to estimate the value of goods shipped into the country. Custom clearance are of three types namely. It is something that must be done by experts. Contact China Customs on Social Media. Customs General Administration Phone. We have established an extensive operation in several countries, and the list keeps increasing. This is arguably one of the fundamental documents you need for efficient import customs clearance. They also provide other miscellaneous services such as packing, loading and general sea, air, express, or rail freight logistics services. What I try to insinuate here is that a customs broker plays a vitally significant role in the whole process. Most foreign importers always regarding the missing links in Chinese customs and clearance requirements and procedures. You see, some of them may need additional shipment monitoring as a result of security risks in the relevant department. We will make sure that the process is devoid of delays and also, we will provide you with timely feedback to put your mind at rest regarding the clearing status of your cargo. In any case, such products are exclusive, and you may find that they’re merely designed to meet secondary needs of a specific group of people. This is a mandatory document for all exports as it contains valuable information about selling price, product quality, packaging costs, weight volume, and product description. It is necessary to ensure that you import goods from companies which understand the export process. Whether you want a partner who can handle: ii. If you wish to import materials that fall under the list of regulated items, you need to apply for a license to do so. Serves the same purpose for exports as it does for imports. So in China, you’ll find out that its only two particular bodies that typically issue this document; In China, customs clearance is a fundamental aspect within trading borders. It is also important to make sure that all documentation shows the complete country name as “People’s Republic of China.” BanSar handles all customs clearance for you. But then, you need to understand that the Chinese customs authority have provision for packaging depending on the type of goods. This license gives the bearer the legal right to ship in items that are highly regulated by the government. In case you have any other question, don’t hesitate to ask. If you apply for custom clearances in China with an incorrect HS code, delays are a possibility. Besides, port congestion, here are some factors that may cause delays. This can either be at the port of loading or even at the destination port. As an importer or exporter, you can also track your custom clearance status via the website of China’s customs service. 5. Vitally, it helps so that the customs understand what kind of customs, regulations, and certifications applicable to your products. If the duty is levied on an imported item, it is called an import duty. A letter of credit reflects all the terms and conditions agreed in the sale contract by the buyer and seller. Apparently, this is one of the documents that many people who import from China rarely know more of what it entails. To obtain a shipping bill, the exporter will have to submit the following documents. Customs is always trying to take more practical steps to expedite the clearance process, including creating a paperless clearance process that many exporters … Freight forwarders handle a wide range of responsibilities like logistics, warehousing, delivery and pick up service, etc. These differences and the lack of a clear understanding of the codes are responsible for delays at the Chinese port of entry. The export documents are filed with China … It depends on the specific type of product. Well before we discuss much information, let’s first find figure out who a customs broker is. Get a quote for your next shipment, and let us open you the doors to China. Be sure to communicate closely with your importer and … Upon making this payment, the cargo then moves out of the customs area to your place. In instances where certification is not necessary, Chinese accreditation can offer assistance in customs clearing by obtaining a CIQ declaration. It actually helps the customs to comprehend specific regulations and certifications applicable to your products. Provide your verification code and your declaration number. Open Directory of Items under GACC Administrative Approval. We provide better shipping rates and the best solution to help your business. The intention is always to improve the effectiveness in Chinas custom clearance. About GACC. In many instances, the process could be overwhelming to you as an importer, your experience and knowledge not withstanding. As of August 1, 2018, Chinese customs added a new set of code numbers to the regular 8-digit to 10-digit HS codes. If you want to avoid unnecessary delays at Chinese ports, it is crucial that you confirm before time, the standards your cargo must meet, and the necessary certifications required.

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