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Learn about highly ranked law schools offering degree programs that include immigration law classes. / Online Courses in Immigration Law. Taking immigration courses online as part of a broader study is a great way to expand your knowledge of the law and learn more about this discipline. Apply Now. Finally, the course covers citizenship and the requirements for an immigrant to become a citizen. Keep reading to get an overview of the... An admission advisor from each school can provide more info about: Get Started with Colorado Christian University, Get Started with Purdue University Global, Get Started with Southern New Hampshire University, Get Started with Bryant & Stratton College. As with most courses featured on this site immigration law training can be as short as a few hours, or as long as a full masters degree. getting visas granted … Tuition does not include the cost of required textbooks. Registration is not currently open for this course. Learn about important considerations when selecting an online immigration law school. Each course includes instructor guidance, exercises, quizzes, chapter reviews, lecture notes and other innovative online learning tools. Immigration Law; Constitutional Law… We cover everything you need to know to get started in immigration law and get accredited with the OISC: what is it, how does it work, all about family and business immigration, nationality law, EU law … © copyright 2003-2020 The course is aimed at those without formal legal immigration/asylum law training but with an interest in this area. Speaking with one of our college advisors, you will get personalized advice and explore your Criminal Justice and Security Services Diploma, International Business, Trade, and Tax Law, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Corrections, BA in Leadership Studies - Criminal Justice, BS in Applied Psychology: Criminal Justice, Pathway to Paralegal Postbaccalaureate Certificate, BS in Criminal Justice - Legal Studies and Advocacy, MS in Organizational Leadership - Criminal Justice, PhD in Criminal Justice - Online Teaching in Higher Education, BS in Criminal Justice - Advanced Topics Criminal Justice AIM, Online Immigration Law Schools: How to Choose, Salary and Career Information for Real Estate Lawyers, Corporate Law Majors: Salary and Career Information, Immigration Lawyer: Job Outlook & Career Info, Constitutional Law Professions: Career and Education Overview, Masters in Immigration Law: Degree Program Overview, Political Law Degree and Certificate Program Information, Immigration Specialist Training and Degree Program Info, Careers in Real Estate Law: Job Options and Requirements, Careers Working with Legal Contracts: Job Options and Requirements, Top Schools with Corporate Law Degree Programs, Best Schools with Health Care Law Degree Programs, Immigration Law: Introduction to a Career in Immigration Law, Lawyer - Immigration Law Specialist: Career Profile. (2020, Nov 20 of publication). Lawyers or paralegals seeking specialization in immigration law can also enroll in an online program or take continuing education courses, which cover a variety of topics influenced by immigration issues, including education, employment, and deportation. Read more; Podcast. The 2017-2018 Supreme Court has resulted in several big cases that will no doubt have lasting implications. Since most immigration law is policy-driven, the course will present an overview of the history and evolution of this area of the Federal law. Immigration lawyers must contend with the possibility that extreme hardship petitions may be denied by the USCIS. 1 st COURSE ON INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION LAW. Online and in-person trainings. Apply Now. Available AILA publications include, Kurzban's Immigration Law Source-book, Essentials of Immigration Law, Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity, AILA's Asylum Primer, AILA's Occupational Guide-books Series, The Waivers Book, Representing Clients in Immigration … Attorneys counseling startup businesses encounter a myriad of legal issues spanning several practice areas. See required courses and electives to choose from below: Required. Selection, inadmissibility, discretion and process will be examined within Canada’s immigration… Regarding immigration law, students will gain both a theoretical and practical understanding of the basic elements of immigration law. Paralegals enrolled in the course gain access to a wealth of information about immigration law, curated … 5 Dec 2020 accessed. The Course presents the key aspects of the migration phenomenon from different angles, including the obligations and concerns of States and the rights and responsibilities of migrants. Conviction of a crime can be a significant hurdle for someone seeking to have a spouse immigrate to the United States on a family-based petition. The remaining units may be satisfied by taking any of the Foundation Immigration Law Courses or Elective Courses … It depends what exactly the reasons are for you wanting to take the course. This course examines immigration policies and undertakes a close review of the various categories of immigrants and non-immigrants. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. The above list of courses gave you a general overview of what kinds of courses you are likely to encounter when studying immigration law. Immigration law is a diverse and fast-paced area of practice, so it is imperative that practitioners have access to up-to-date immigration training courses. Our immigration law training courses are ideal for use for continuing professional development (CPD) by solicitors, OISC advisers and barristers. Online Course: How to Prepare Immigration Forms Online training to complete common immigration forms Developed with practicing immigration attorneys, our online immigration forms class will teach you how to fill out commonly used immigration … Get an introduction to immigration issues, human rights and the rights of refugees with online courses from major universities and institutions worldwide. This course explores all significant aspects of the immigration and naturalization process in the United States, including the Homeland Security Act of 2002 and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996. Adoption attorneys often find themselves juggling federal, state, interstate, and even international law. The course is designed for new immigration attorneys, with a combined focus on the law itself as well as practice skills. Immigration is the act of moving from one's native country to a new country, usually on a permanent basis. Immigration law courses, available online, may be offered as part of a law or paralegal program. Standalone courses may also available for initial training or continuing education. The 2019 term of the Supreme Court shaped up to be a defining one. Migration Law Training. This course is ideal for anyone interested in beginning their immigration law training. Web. It's free! The student is made familiar with the main areas of immigration policy and procedure.

This course offers a comprehensive study of family-based immigration laws and their implications. The top French-language school in Canada (and the largest French-language university in the world outside of France), l'Université de Montréal offers a well-regarded civil law degree (for undergraduates or post-graduates) that includes a variety of courses in immigration and refugee studies. Students will study 8 units (subjects) over the course of one year (full time) or two years (part time). Fundamentals of Canadian Law . Undergraduate applicants must be a high school graduate or have completed GED and completed some college. All of the principle areas of procedures and policies will be reviewed. The course will focus on immigrants and the different categories of non-immigrants and the various laws that must be followed to visit the U.S. from abroad or gain permanent resident status. This is the 2nd of a two-part presentation covering the key 2019-2020 Supreme Court cases. As the world's leading online learning platform, Coursera offers courses in a wide range of legal topics. Learn Immigration online with courses like Trade, Immigration and Exchange Rates in a Globalized World and Refugees in the 21st Century. Immigration is a comprehensive field of government regulation that encompasses diverse issues ranging from social, family and economic development considerations to the international refugee problem. You could be an academic who wants to study a masters in immigration law or maybe you’re part of a firm or charity who deal with immigration cases. We review the basic statutes and visa categories and the priority with which the law treats their applications for entry. Also, post-baccalaureate students can earn a graduate certificate in immigration law … This section collects links for individuals seeking resources directly relating to litigating immigration cases. May 21, 2020 Podcast. Highly Recommended Legal Resources: Oran’s Dictionary of the Law, 4th Edition, by Daniel Oran. Course Code Course Title Credits; MMLAW001: Elements of US Immigration Law: 6 credits: MMLAW002: Business & Investment Immigration: 6 credits: MMLAW003: Immigration Court Procedures: Renewal and Relief Process: 6 credits: MMLAW004: Family Immigration Law… CSIC e-academy’s online program offers immigration knowledge, legal research skills, networking, business plans and a Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant designation (CCIC) upon completion. State of the art online and live courses deliver the latest. This online program is designed to provide the international community with an understanding of the structure and operations of the U.S. immigration system… The Immigration and Asylum Law short course is taught over 10 weekly classes at City's central London location. a College Advisor at the end of the process. Schools offer classes that can be tailored to a particular state's individual immigration laws. Our introductory migration-law course provides a pathway to the Graduate Diploma in Migration Law, which allows you to register to practise as a migration agent. Law 201/701. This course will provide the students with the knowledge they will need in Canadian immigration and refugee law. Immigration courses from top universities and industry leaders. Classwork also examines the legal implications of immigration status in other areas, like custody determinations. Lori Philpott, Law '22 went from Certificate in Law student, to JD student, to becoming a TA for the very course she once took, LAW 202/207 [Aboriginal Law]. "Online Courses in Immigration Law." Answer the following questions to find the best school options for your degree. Learn the legal aspects of surveillance and privacy as they relate to issues of national security. Students will be introduced to the basic legal principles relating to immigration into the U.S., learning how to analyze immigration options for intending immigrants, and acquiring a working knowledge of the use of immigration forms in an immigration law practice. To become an authorized provider of immigration services, you must receive recognition and accreditation from the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of Legal Access Programs (OLAP). This short course focuses on the intersection between criminal and immigration law, providing both theoretical and practical understanding of the impact of criminal conduct on immigration … This program will address most of the key issues attorneys need to understand before diving into this multifaceted and ever-evolving area of practice. For free! Standalone courses may also available for initial training or continuing education. This course is not available for college credit. The online book link is provided to students once they are enrolled in the program. Particular attention will be paid to mechanisms and remedies available to those who wish to visit, study, work, seek refuge and/or immigrate to Canada. Coming up: 40 Hour Overview of Immigration Law: Albany; Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. E-learning courses for a fee. Try refreshing the page, or contact customer support. This section collects links for individuals seeking resources directly relating to litigating immigration cases. Enrol Now . UBC Extended Learning offers an online and blended certificate program in Immigration: Laws, Policies and Procedures for individuals wishing to become regulated immigration professionals. Immigration Law Certificate. The course fee is charged per annum for 2 years., 20 Nov 2020 published. Paralegals who plan to work in this challenging and demanding area wil… The certificate program was initiated as part of the law school’s effort to provide students with broad and deep exposure to immigration and citizenship law and help prepare students for practice in the area. An error occurred trying to load this video. Earn an Accredited Immigration Law Specialist Certificate Online … This course covers the basic elements of immigration and citizenship law, including immigration and deportation procedures. The credits earned may also be applied to a broader degree program in a different subject. degree options and guide you through every step of the college selection and enrollment process. People immigrate for many different reasons, including economic opportunity, a desire for change, fleeing an oppressive or challenging country, and many more reasons. The AILA Fundamentals of Immigration Law Online Course is a self-paced CLE which provides over 20 hours of content from expert immigration attorneys. 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