Everyone should understand how different car parts function for better maintenance and adding life to the car.

The most common parts of cars are radiator, alternator, compressor, axle, brake, and battery that need immediate attention.


The radiator prevents the overheating of the car engine. It is a heat exchanger that removes heat from the coolant in the cooling system. It is recommended to check your coolant level at least twice a year. If you keep the radiator filled all the time with a 50/50 mix, the chances are that radiator will be durable for long. Keep the cap of the radiator properly sealed, as it functions to keep the coolant chamber pressurized. In winter take special care of this part, as it needs to perform at the peak.


It works along with the battery to supply power to the electric system of your car. It is an electricity generating device that converts the mechanical energy produced in a car to electrical energy. You can judge if the battery is overcharged by its swollen appearance, which shows that the alternator has faulty voltage.

AC Compressor

AC compressor is a car part that has the highest value in the hot season. It is responsible for pumping coolant through the system and cools your car. If the coolant does not work fine your AC system will not work. For cars, durability makes sure that you remove any obstruction that might impact performance. Clear the trees and branches within two feet distance. If you live in an area with hot weather dominance make sure that you engage the high-pressure switch. It prevents overheating of the car; so it adds life to your car. Cleaning of air filters and condenser coil regularly also supports in better performance of the compressor.


There are front and rear axles that support when the hub and are part of the suspension. Through transmission and differentials, they send power. It is an exchange from the engine to the wheel. The way you drive to add or minus life of this car part, so if you hear a loud clicking sound can see grease on the edge of tire or feel excessive vibration while driving has your car axle checked.


Battery stores energy in the chemical form so it can release as the power to run the electrical component of your car. Engine runs the car, while battery runs the engine. It has top, side, and L terminals, and the energy/power produced is measured in amp/ hour. The CCA that stands for Cold Cranking Amps is the amount of current that the battery supply to the car. The car battery comes in different sizes and can be best checked through the owner’s manual. It has common group sizes of 24 to 65 serving different types of vehicles. To keep battery spill-proof AGM, that is Absorbent Glass Mat, is used.


The brake function is universally known. It stops your car and has two parts of the disc brake and drum brake system. The disc brake consists of the caliper, brake pad, and brake rotor. The drum brake system has brake drums and shoes. All these parts work together to support brake is working well.

If the brake does not work properly, your car occupants and people on the road are in danger

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