Hyundai Atoz Review:

Buy Hyndai Atoz But Read Its Market Demand First:

The Hyundai Atoz is a city car. It was launched in 1997.Hyundai Atoz is also known as Atoz, Amice and Santro Xing. Hyundai Atoz   was discontinued in Europe in 2007 and in other markets in 2011. In Indian market Hyundai Atoz was launched in 1997 under the name Santro. Hyundai Atoz is also exported from India in big volumes to the Asia and Oceania counties. In Pakistan it was launched in 2000.Pakistan was the first country where the first generation Atos is still being sold and the model is not upgraded yet. In Malaysia it was introduced in 2006.Hyundai Atoz awarded as Best Compact Car in Initial Quality 2004 from Malaysia Initial Quality Study. You should know the market demand and countries where it is available before you buy Hyundai Atoz.

Technical Features of Hyundai Atoz:

The Technical Features of Hyundai Atoz ( are 5-speed manual transmission. Engine size & layout is 999 cc, 14, 12 valves, Its Peak Power is 40 kW (54.4 PS; 53.6 bhp) and Peak Torque is 82 N•m (60 lb•ft).It has 160 km/h (99 mph) Top speed. Fuel economy is 6.4 L/100 km (44 mpg-imps; 37 mpg-US).

Dimensions of the Car:

Length of this car is 3,495 mm (137.6 in), 1,495 mm (58.9 in)width,Its height is 1,580 mm (62.2 in), 2,380 mm (93.7 in) wheelbase and 847 kg (1,867 lb) Curb weight.

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