In Japan Used Cars Traders Enjoyed 40th Anniversary of Mazda Rotary Engine

In Japan Used Cars Traders Enjoyed 40th Anniversary of Mazda Rotary Engine

Japan Used Cars Traders

Mazda announced 400 limited edition supply of RX-8 which was equipped with bespoke 18” aluminum alloy wheels and Alcantara seat trim, fitted with an aerodynamic rear spoiler. It was launched in two colors, either Crystal White Pearlescent or Grey Mica. The Leather Alcantara red and black combi seats and luxury room carpets are the additional features for this limited edition car. Every Japan used cars traders is also seeking their future when these cars get old in a year or two.

RX-8 in American Market

Mazda RX-8 is a well-known Japanese car import by Mazda Motor Corporation. It was year 2001 when the first RX-8 was sold in USA. It actually succeeded another car import, the RX-7.

Mazda RX-8 has also gained pop cult status as a Japanese used cars trade. Even in various movies, most notably in the movie Need for Speed: In the movie Tokyo Drift the character Neela drives a turbocharged RX-8. Many Japan used cars traders search for Mazda RX-8 offerings especially in online Japanese auction sites for used cars.

Mazda RX-8 the Design

The rear-hinged “freestyle doors” is one of the signature design cues of the RX-8 that makes this car so famous among sports enthusiasts. This freestyle layout gives this car a “suicide” door look and feel. This feature also makes it rear seats a lot easier for the passengers to get inside the car.

Powerful Rotary Engine

First time invented in 1957 by a Felix Wankel a German Engineer who believed in 4 strokes as to be accomplished while rotating. At first he didn’t receive any success in the automobiles and it disappeared from the vehicle manufacturing companies engineering Labs, until Masuda Tsuneji recognized the potential of powerful Rotary engine used in Japanese used cars and he traded off this information with NSU in the research and development for How Rotary Engine are used in Japanese cars.

Just like the Powerful Rotary Engine Mazda RX-8 also used to be a powerful car in Japan. It utilizes a naturally aspirated, 1.3 Renesis rotary engines that can develop a 246 hp at 8500 rpm with the sustained redline pegged at 8500 rpm and a peak redlines at 9,000 rpm. The performance of the engine is well enough to win the International Engine of the year and Best New Engine awards in 2003.

Market of Mazda RX-8 Among Japan Used Cars Traders

In Japan used cars traders feels RX8 as the great option for business. Mazda RX-8 can be seen in many online Japanese used car auctions. The RX-8 is a car which is finely tuned, has capability to achieve a near 50:50 eight distributions through a number of engineering feats used in the car. Mazda RX-8 is readily available at many Japan used cars traders, dealers and showrooms owners. On the other hand, there are also a number of used car traders who have a number of used cars offers in their stock. It is highly recommended to deal with a reputable Japan used cars traders ( before deciding to buy a used car.

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