Fake Japanese used Cars Exporter – Free Tips to avoid Used Car Exporter Scams

Fake Japanese used Cars Exporter – Free Tips to avoid Used Car Exporter Scams

Japanese used Cars Exporter

Japanese used Cars Exporter
Japanese used Cars Exporter

In East Africa many importers lost millions of dollars due to these scams of bogus japanese used cars under $1000 exporter. In Tanzania many used car importers spent thousands of dollars ordering cheap Japanese used cars and eventually they lost all their hard-earned money. These were just phantom companies who took their money and then disappeared. This reflects that there are even used car exporters who were running these scams from Tanzania.

How these Japanese used cars Exporter scam people?

  1. Once you make the payment, it becomes nearly impossible to contact these used car exporters.
  2. Several weeks, even months pass without ever receiving that used car from exporter.
  3. Even if the buyer gets a used car, it is way different than what was shown at time of sale.

3 helpful tips for how to identify such bogus Japanese used cars exporter working online

Any fake used car exporter in Japan will have the following signs. You had better avoid dealing with them.

  1. Used car exporters who have contact numbers that start with either 81-80 and 81-90. As these are the codes of cell phone numbers, you will have a tough time tracking down these scammers.
  2. Verify their addresses which are given on their websites to check if they are real and authentic dealers.
  3. Also check for JUMVEA which is a certification from the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter’s Association to verify their legitimacy.

Japanese used cars exporter (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) are everywhere but the genuine and really cost-effective used cars exporter are very rare. So be careful while making these transactions online. Driving your dream car at the lowest possible rates is an attractive offer, but it can also be bait that can lead you to lose all your hard-earned money.

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