Common Myths and Misconceptions About Leasing Mazda Verisa 2004

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Leasing Mazda Verisa 2004

Buying, Renting or Leasing Mazda Verisa 2004:

Mazda Verisa 2004

Buying, renting or leasing are three options to own a car , if you enough funds to get a car on cash or to go for car financing you should avail that opportunity, in a case you are short of funds and you have no savings to pay for the car at once you should think about leasing or renting. Those who think car financing is the only option and believes every myth about leasing need to do some industry research before they are buying mazda verisa 2004. The leasing is not as bad as it sounds and it might be a perfect solution for those earning limited amount of money.

The difference between leasing and car financing is very simple, leasing is a process of taking a car on some fixed monthly payment for a specified duration of time,  as the duration is over the car has to be returned to the owner. During the possession of the car its taxation, insurance and repairs are the responsibility of person who is taking car on lease.

Car financing on the other hand is very different from leasing, it requires a down payment and after a monthly payment for a specified period of time the ownership is transferred to the car buyer.

 Myths About Leasing Mazda Verisa 2004:

There are certain myths that one must consider before taking mazda verisa 2004 on lease so there will be no more confusions and misconceptions when you are signing the contract.

The time frame specified for the payment of lease every month should be reasonable, it should not be too long, if you are a kind of person who like to switch from one model to another and likes to change cars leasing it not a good option for you, leasing tenure are normally between 2-3 years and for this period of time after signing contracts and agreeing to terms and condition you have to bear the penalties if you try to step back.

Some people believe that leasing is expensive than financing car and get ownership, car financing requires you to pay more as compare to leasing , this means if you have taken your car on lease for 3 years you have taken a good amount of money at the end of third year when you are returning your leased mazda verisa 2004.

Leasing is not for businesses only, it for individuals too. Anybody can lease a car and according to a study there are a large number of youngsters who would prefer to lease a car like mazda verisa 2004 ( as soon as they start earning and their monthly income is quite limited to make both ends meet.

If you have got your mazda verisa 2004 on lease all repairs, taxation and insurance is your responsibility it is a myth that the leasing company is going to finance and handle this for you.

It is also a fact that one who goes for leasing a car never owns it but the myth that is developed besides this fact is you can never own a type of car if you have got it on lease. There are certain terms and conditions and cases where the lessee can apply for car ownership and on payment and agreement from both parties the lessee can own a vehicle instead of returning it to the leasing company.

So next time you think about leasing your mazda verisa 2004, go ahead without any confusions , misconceptions keeping myths in your brain and  enjoy driving the car all the way to home.


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