Should You Wrap Your Car

Should You Wrap Your Car

Most car owners care a lot about how their cars look. And if you’re not one of them, you really should start paying some attention to your car. Much like anything a car also requires your attention and care so that it stays in a usable and good condition. Cleaning the car and making sure that its exterior, which consists of the body and the body paint, remains in a good-looking condition is very important.

If for some reason your paint has started fading or it has failed to maintain its original state, you can always get your car repainted or wrapped. But this leads us to the question ‘should you wrap your car?’ This is exactly what we’ll be answering in this article. So if you’re planning on getting your car wrapped but you’re confused, read further as you will definitely find some useful information.

What’s A Car Wrap?

A typical car wrap comprises of different textures or designs of vinyl decals that are stuck on to your car’s body, to give it a completely new visual look and feel. When it comes to the colors and designs of car wraps, the options are endless. From a matte finish, chrome colors to extreme graphics, there is no limit to car wraps and the level of detail they can bring to your car’s exterior.

What Car Condition Is Required For A Wrap?

It’s true that a car wrap is perfect for covering your original exterior body and paint. But a car wrap can never stick on properly nor look good on a car which has a lot of scratches or dents. Any sort of blemishes on the car will show up on the wrap surface. Almost all auto customization dealers advise people to get all their exterior paint and dent problems fixed before they decide to get their cars wrapped. This way the wrapping process will be a walk in the park for the detailers and it will also look exactly how it’s supposed to.

How Can You Maintain A Car Wrap?

The best way to ensure your car wrap’s health and quality is by keeping it under the shadows, i.e. either under a garage or car cover, etc. Moreover, you should avoid automatic car washes at all costs as the brushes can severely damage the wrap. Only hand washing the car is recommended if you have a car wrap on.

Should You Wrap Your Car?

Now on to the ultimate question. Should you wrap your car? The answer depends. If you’re someone who’s constantly working on different car projects and playing around with the looks of your car, then we would suggest you get it wrapped. But, if you’re someone who hardly gets any time to pay attention to your car and you only want to get it wrapped to cover up the previously messed up original paint, then we would advise you to go for a repainting job. In this case, a repaint job might cost you lesser than a car wrap, it will require less care and it will definitely be a more permanent solution to your problem.

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