Time to Know Car Myths About Your Used Mitsubishi Canter

Time to Know Car Myths About Your Used Mitsubishi Canter

Car care is as important as you take care of yourself and your health. It needs regular visits to the mechanic shop, it needs oil change, certain repairs and part change over time and even it need car wash at least every month.  Car maintenance is a complete responsibility from engine and interior to exterior everything needs attention. The car owner do all possible efforts to keep his valuable belonging well-maintained and avoids anything that can cause trouble, but there are some myths too and the superstitious ones believes these myths with rigidity. They even convince others to follow it and put it in practice.

Few Popular Used Mitsubishi Canter Maintenance Myths

  •  Until the Car is Under Warranty All Maintenance and Repairs Are Dealers Responsibility:
Used Mitsubishi Canter
Used Mitsubishi Canter

It is one of the biggest misconceptions in buyers that all maintenance is manufacturer’s responsibility. There are certain things mentioned in the user’s manual which require continuous maintenance and it should be done from any mechanic shop, until there is some serious trouble that requires part replacement, repair or any other issue that is not mentioned in the user’s manual and happens unpredictably it comes under the manufacturer’s responsibility of maintaining the vehicle under warranty.

  • Used Mitsubishi Canter Needs to Be Warm Up Before Driving:

Some people complain that their vehicle needs to be warm up every time they have to go on a drive. However it is a fact that if you start your engine and warm up your car for few minutes before going on drive the oil will flow properly, especially in extreme cold when everything is just at freezing point it is recommended to warm up the engine for 30 seconds or more, or drive slowly first until the engine gets warm. Once the oil is spread in all parts and the parts starts working smoothly the car will give a better driving experience on the road.

  • Detergents Are More Effective For Car Wash:

Some people believe that dish washing detergents are defective to wash and clean the car. The fact is, such detergents are designed to remove animal and vegetable fats they are not appropriate to remove dirt, dust, rust and bird drops from your car. They can even fade the car color with the passage of time, therefore it is better to invest bit money and buy appropriate car wash soap for washing your Used Mitsubishi Canter (http://www.sbtjapan.com/kp-mitsubishi-canter) type of car.

These were few of the many myths created by end-user, they have no ground realities, facts and nothing related to automobile industry. The car experts and critics suggest to get rid of these myths and follow the tips suggested in the end-user car manual provided by the company.

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