5 Car Accessories for Your Dad on This Father’s Day

5 Car Accessories for Your Dad on This Father’s Day

Car is my dad’s first love and when he let me drive it on my birthday when I turned 18 (legal age to get car license) I was on the moon. May be he never heard this quote from the American Humorist.

Never lend your car to anyone to whom you have given birth. Erma Bombeck

Every year on Father’s day, I gift him different items. But the best occasion was when I gave him a car accessory. It is because of this I have compiled the five items I have given him in different years.

You can get an idea of 5 car accessories you can give your dad on this Father’s day, while I explore more options.

A Jump Starter Kit

Car Batteries have a life, but at times either it is our father that is unwilling to let go of it or the battery drains fast due to the atmosphere. So I once gifted my father a jump starter kit. It has made our family trips enjoyable now, as it acts as a battery source that allows the starting of the car in most inconvenient times when the battery gets dead.

Cushion or Neck Massager

You can buy two types of cushions for your dad or even both of them. Like everyone else I too have a dad who had taken us to school every day, and even when we had summer break dad used to tow us around in the city. Over the years I have seen his health depreciating, leading to back issues and neck pain. So gifting him a cushion to support back and u-shaped neck support brought tears in my dad’s eyes.

I was so happy seeing him express emotions that next year I bought a neck massager. As he never goes to the saloon, so I brought a mini saloon to him for relaxation therapy while he drives. The neck massager kit includes cable and adapter to charge along with the operational manual. So he read it all before using it, and still uses it today although it has been 2 years.

USB Charger

Dad always wants to stay in touch with family, while the mobile battery has a life. So I gifted dad a travel USB charger that makes him available to talk whenever he wants. On top of it, he can charge his tablet while we also get a chance to charge our devices while on road trips when we forget our power-bank.

Air Purifier

It is an investment that my mum suggested, but when I gifted it to dad, he was happy. It keeps him energetic on long journeys and he does not feel suffocation, something he used to experience before I gifted him this. Initially, he thought it is a worthless thing, but with usage now he refills it quite often. It has helped him survive through different environments, by keeping the window up, on a sand-filled windy road. Although it is recommended that you take care to buy the right one if your father has asthma or other respiratory diseases.

This year I am thinking of gifting him a car body cover, as his older one has faded a lot. You can think of more car accessories and research on one that your father needs or might like.

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