Best Energy-Efficient Cars You Can Ask For

Best Energy-Efficient Cars You Can Ask For

They have the horsepower in control and fuel consumption at minimal, so they fall under energy-efficient cars. As the oil prices are naturally kept high in developing countries, so buying a car with low fuel consumption can save you a lot. Being part of the Japanese used car industry, we know that people buy cars within a limited budget, and look for alternatives that are energy efficient.

Honda Insight

Honda Insight has high fuel economy figures


You should go hybrid when you are looking for energy efficiency. Many alternatives are there, but you lose comfort in the drive during the process. Honda Insight has not only a spacious interior to bring comfort, but has engine vibration only when the battery needs to be charged. It is an excellent sedan that has an EPA (Environment Protection Agency) estimate of 52 mpg. The 1.5L engine is perfect to carry five passengers with ease having a combined system output of 151 horsepower. It has a unique position with a great car body and a comfortable interior.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius is known for its fully loaded car with 56 mpg EPA. It has fuel usage of 6-7.2 barrels per year according to online research of the latest model. It does not compromise on comfort in the process of having versatility and technology together. The interior cargo space is more than enough to carry important luggage. Hence, you have a choice with 60/40 rear seat split carrying luggage with fewer people and carrying more people with fewer luggage. It has a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, an 11.6-inch multimedia display, head-up display that resembles the one in aircraft. It has a hybrid system indicator with a windshield and a full-color display. All this shows the technology that brings safety and comfort.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla has been a popular car in the world with comfort and efficiency features. It comes with 33 mpg combined with Hybrid LE with 52 mpg combined. The wind-tunnel testing design makes it aerodynamically feasible cutting through the air. The variable valves engine ensures the balance of power and fuel economy. It gives it an edge among other vehicles, as it is from Toyota; creating a mark of difference. The style matches sophistication; so, you can get an unparalleled experience. It is the best energy-efficient car in my opinion.

Mitsubishi Mirage

It has 36 combined mpg, with a tank size of 9.2 gallons. The 2020 model comes with a power-train limited warranty of 10 years per 100K miles. Integrated touch and smartphone compatibility makes it a technology-filled car. The power steering is there to make twists and turns well managed. Therefore Mitsubishi Mirage experience includes adventure on the go. The efficient maneuvers around sharp corners makes parking in tight space easy.

It is considered the best energy-efficient car in America

(Mitsubishi Mirage)

These are top energy-efficient cars that are preferred by masses, as they understand customer needs and act accordingly.

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