New Features in Post COVID Automobile Industry

New Features in Post COVID Automobile Industry

With the COVID-19 outbreak, manufacturing has stopped in several auto-manufacturing plants, while few have restored operations with additional safety measures to address the health of employees and future customers. The car demand reduced to 1/4th showing loss of used car industry sales.
As rightly said the world will not be the same Post COVID, so here we are analyzing to predict the potential shape of the automobile industry.

Feature That Sanitizes Your Car

Car Manufacturers have faced many financial cringes, but now they need to work proactively to handle the situation. The interior of the car should have N95 certified Air Purification System, to prevent the virus from entering the car. The material of seats and overall lining of the interior will be mixed with a special ultra-violet (UV-C) light sanitizing unit. China and India have the biggest production facilities, so they are working on this idea. These two markets have to show results soon or they will have to bear the permanent economic loss.

COVID Negative Certification and Health-Care App

The heart rate monitoring system, messaging seats, and headrest are a few features that will be part of the smart technology revolution. Non-embedded health-care apps will not be part of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with a certification. It will be provided by safety or any other authority that the car is not only COVID-Free but has features to manage potential COVID issues.

Special COVID-Free Drive-Thru in Showrooms

New cars will also be seen as the carrier of the virus, so a drive-thru system will be put near showrooms. It will first test people who want to enter the showroom if they have a virus. Then the car will be live scanned for visible checking of the virus through the system. The sterilization process will get strong in the used car market and workshops too.

Automated Buying and Selling of Cars with Safety Precautions

Many used cars have been sold online in the past, minimization of the human touch factor. It should further advanced, starting from auction-houses to entry in destination shipyard, humans will check through the system only. In the future, the machines will do all the work. The people operating these machines will be wearing masks and gloves.

The prediction is that automated showrooms or online showrooms will be the future of selling a new car. Where the person selects a car and virtually drives it before purchase. To make sure that potential virus dies, the sanitization of surfaces and car delivery within weeks will be the new normal.

Few things are still in pipeline while others are the work of our imagination.

But we are positive, Post COVID automobile industry will survive with state of art features introduction.

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