Toyota Gaia – The Goods And Bads Of This Car

Toyota Gaia – The Goods And Bads Of This Car

Used Toyota Gaia

Toyota Gaia is a Multi Purpose Vehicle that stands as the big competitor for Nissan Prairie toyota gaiaand the Honda Shuttle. It was the replacement of Toyota Isis. Among other Multi Purpose Vehicles Toyota Gaia was the one that shares a platform with the Toyota Ipsum (Used Toyota Ipsum) which was considered as the sister car and Toyota Corona Premio with which it shared the platform. Toyota Gaia used to be in the market in 1998 and it remains in the Japanese market until September 2004.

In April 2001 Toyota added a DVD based navigation which was used in Toyota Gaia (Toyota Used Cars) as an option along with the 3S-FE engine was enhanced to the 1AZ- FSE with All Wheel Drive. The 1AZ-FSE feature used in Toyota Gaia includes D-4 direct injection system.

Used Toyota Gaia – Major Rivals used to stand

Used Nissan Prairie

Toyota Gaia used to be the big competitor for Nissan Prairie which was introduced in 1981, 1982 in Japan and Europe respectively. In Canada it was called Multi, Stanza Wagon in USA. Its 2nd generation was renamed the Nissan Axxess in North America. Its third generation renamed initially as Prairie Liberty with Prairie eventually dropped in November 1998.

Used Honda Shuttle

Another great competition for used Toyota Gaia ( is Honda Shutter, which is a 5-door station wagon, manufactured by the Honda Motors, for Japanese, North American and European markets. It was sold as ‘Civic Wagon’ in North America.

Sporting 5-doors, long wheelbase than its grandfather Civic and higher ride height, the Honda Shuttle is therefore less attractive to the performance car scene and more tempting to small families and tradesmen.

A brief History used for Toyota Gaia Branding

This vehicle of Toyota manufacturers was named for Gaia which means “Land” or “Earth”. This name Gaia was extracted from Ancient Greek word Gaea or Gea form Modern Greek was the symbol for primal Greek Goddess personifying the Earth.

The word Gaia is a primordial and chthonic divine being in the Ancient Greek pantheon. This work Gaia used to be a symbol for Mother Goddess or Great Goddess. Mother Goddess is the expression used as Gaia to represent the goddess who represents mother hood, fertility, care, creation or embodies the gift of the planet earth. When we equate this with the Earth or the nature then such goddesses are sometimes considered as the representations of mother earth, Mother Nature or as the earth mother.

Thus abstracted from the nature of mother care this car was positioned as a family car which can shelter a big family with children inside it. This implicates the word Gaia as a Mom’s wagon or family wagon type.

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