What is The Best Gas For The Car?

What is The Best Gas For The Car?

Capital is to the progress of society what gas is to a car.

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If you own a car and have been driving for long, you will not likely have this question of what is the best gas for the car. But if you have borrowed a car from someone or purchased a new one, you might get confuse. On top of that, fear of putting the wrong gas in a specified car can be nightmares come true.

Every person has a special connection with their car. And it is said especially for man, that they cannot breathe if something happens to their car. So save yourself and your relationship by doing your homework well.

You do not need to worry much as the more strong research you have, the better you will be able to decide and come out victorious in such a situation.

Types of Gas Options

There are 3 gas options; regular, plus, and premium. Regular gas has the lowest octane level of 87, the plus has 89 octane rating and the premium has 91+ in octane. The highest octane is much more costly as it is less combustible. This means that high octane cars have an engine with more cylinder pressure capability. That is the reason they are called the high-performance engine.

The Nightmare of Wrong Gas

If you put the wrong gas option, you face loss, but one loss is to the car and the other is a loss to pocket. If you use low octane fuel in a high-performance engine, the octane can perform combustion fast which when meets with more combustion capacity engine lead to engine knocking. It can have a permanent issue of performance and fuel consumption. If done for long it can damage the engine. The high-performance fuel, when put in the low-performance engine will lead to more fuel consumption. As the cylinder pressure is low followed by low combustion capacity having no impact on performance. Keeping in mind that the high octane cost a lot in comparison to low octane, it means the cost of driving a car will magnify.

The Simple Way Out

When you buy a new car make sure to refer to the manual. If you borrowed it from someone do ask them the type of gas type consumed previously. Even if you are not able to take the first step, you can always check by the opening lid to take out a small amount of fuel and have it checked at the gas station.

Your Car is Your Best Friend Feed it The Best Gas So It Last Long.

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