Which is the Safest Japanese Car and Why?

Which is the Safest Japanese Car and Why?

A safe car is the one that is driven with peace of mind so that it will be able to survive tough roads and life-threatening situations. It is because of many pre-driving safety tests performed by reliable authorities that the car buyer feels confident to purchase a car.

Although there is a list of Japanese cars that customer trust, but my personal favorite is Toyota RAV4.

Modern Technology to Support

With the new technology being available in the market, Toyota RAV4 comes with Safety Sense 2.0 that is a gem technology. It helps in pedestrian detection informing about potential collisions beforehand. The Lane Departure Alert feature helps in steering wheel assistance warning and helping drivers when there is a potential threat. The Lane Tracking Assist keeps us on the lane, so we can easily focus on surrounding as the moment we get out of our lane a beep alerts us.

Car Lights worth Mentioning

The automatic high beam lights are the trademark of Toyota RAV4. It has secured a good rating, across several safety testing bodies in providing a smooth driving experience through its lighting system. The headlights can guide the way on road, while the rear lights make parallel parking and reversing of the vehicle safe for driver and passenger alike. The tiger-nose like front grill is impressive enough to give an aesthetic feel of being the market champ. Several trims have been able to win hearts of safety check authorities just because the lighting system of RAV4 perfectly complements the security feature like no other vehicle.

The Homelike Interior

When sitting inside Toyota RAV4 we feel at home because the hidden hero airbags are there to save the day in case of an accident. The interior seats are designed in a way that they can absorb minor shocks in combination with seat belts. The airbags are installed in curtain-sided and front dashboard too, so it is not just the driver that feels safe but also passenger at front. Some trims have airbags in backseats too installed in the door body.

Although there are other cars like Toyota Camry, Honda Insight, and Mazda CX5 that have competitive features, Toyota RAV4 wins the game of being the safest car. Because it is not just the features but the overall look and feel make one feel like being in mother’s lap.

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