Can Online Car Race Substitute Real One?

Can Online Car Race Substitute Real One?

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has postponed many events, and car racing is one of those too. This has not just made car racers crave for the thrill, but has also made race enthusiasts want more. Video games have always been able to help in managing the craving of thrill. But now it is reaching a whole new level with 3D technology and video games getting smarter.
But the question is, Post-COVID can online car race substitute real one. Here is what we think about it.

The Thrill in Virtual Game is High

With mind sciences getting strong, it is evident that the mind cannot differentiate between a real experience and a virtual one. It is because of this; that experts say that through better thinking and imagination we can make a coward brave. So, the brave hearts can now experience the same thrill they miss going in a car racing event, by watching it online. If they start playing next to real video games the thrill will turn real, making them the hero themselves.

Several racing car drivers and video game companies are collaborating to make the COVID time thrill-filled.

The Need of Movement Obsolete

So, the hassle of going to the gaming area and towing around friends can now be replaced by playing the game online with friends. This will reduce a lot of costs in terms of traveling and will save time too. Now one can play for more time and enjoy the experience to a whole different level.

Star Moments and Socialization Missing

The star moments where you see your favorite driver perform maneuvers and meeting them in real is missing now. If the general audience will get comfortable in this, the socialization factor will be missing. Our parents have a different level of thrill and experience, but our definition has changed completely that might be a dent on health.

Imagination Makes it Safe

But the best part of the online race is that it makes everyone a car racer. This gives the same privileges and perks without the need of putting one’s life in threat. It is the game of imagination, giving the same level of pleasure.

An Innovative Way Blend of Past and Future

For the star-struck moment missing factor, we can have live broadcast made strong. As in the case of 3D Cinema, we can now think of going for 3D Car Racing, where at a specific place (of course Post COVID) we can meet and enjoy race together. The big screen with better sound systems and props to make things look real, we can have online car races for those who want the real car race event experience.

As this pandemic end, the world will be different. In my opinion, the future of car racing is in making online experience strong. As this virus is expected to return with the second wave if social distancing is not taken care of after the first wave. The history of the Ebola virus shows this fact for real. So, the online car race will substitute the real one whether we like it or not.

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