How to Best Take Care of Your Car

How to Best Take Care of Your Car

IIHS Automotive Survey suggests that in the USA a typical car that survives on road is 11.5 years, while in countries like Africa because of more used cars around, it can go up to 10-15 years. So to stay safe, it is important to take care of your car. It will not only make your car safe but will also help it last longer.

Wash Your Car Regularly

The first issue that is clearly visible is the dust and it supports erosion. But that is not the only threat, every day a car has to face the sun, salt, grease, and the worst but hilarious acidic bird poop. Was your car regularly with at least a soap and some water. The windshield is a much important factor in reducing safety hazard on road. It is the part through which you see the road, so make sure that you have properly checked its condition before any trip. The dirty headlights require a high beam to see the road as dust clogs the beam light and need you to increase the beam intensity.

Do not Dump Garbage Inside

It is pretty normal to eat something on a long drive and keep it inside the car instead of littering on the road. But it should never stay there forever. As the research suggests that your surrounding has an impact on you, so tidy the interior to have stress-free enjoyable driving experience. Cleaning your car once a week will help you stay healthy. Having different plastic bags to put the garbage can be helpful too. You can dump it the moment you reach your destination and the best part is that mites might never visit your car because of this simple hack.

Keep a Check on Oil Level

The lubricated engine parts give premium performance and make the car last for long. So make sure that you regularly check the oil level and refuel whenever it is needed. Also check for potential leakages in the engine, as it impacts your fuel consumption.

Check Tire Pressure

Tires are another most important yet neglected part of the car. They are your partner on tough roads and help you reach destination fast and smooth. Make sure that you check tire pressure when it is cold, which means before you have driven it. If you think there is a tire pressure issue while driving, check it. But make sure that you do it after you have given it rest for four hours. Do fill-up the tire whenever the pressure is low or else you will have an unexpected flat tire.

Other things in motor oil should be considered. It includes things like an oil change every 5000 miles and changing the air filter every 12000 miles. All this will help you take care of your car in a better way.

In the used car a safety kit can be a lifesaver. It should include a fire starter, torchlight, first aid box, a stop board, energy bars, and a water bottle. This will help you keep going in case of any car-related emergency handling issue.

Always remember; “Your car is your partner on the road, so maintain it well to get a better return in the time of need.”

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