How to Maintain Car during Lockdown?

How to Maintain Car during Lockdown?

Sitting idle for a long time can cause severe damage to things meant to run, the car is no exception. Lockdown never means that you need to keep your car at distance too. Make sure that you keep a close check on the following things to maintain car during lockdown.

Park Car at an Appropriate Spot

As you need to park your car for an extended period, so choose a spot thinking long-term. Parking the car near a billboard or tree can be disastrous. You can trust a natural calamity where something at safe distance can fallout flying. Parking near a tree can be an open invitation to bird poops, so it is best that parking under trees is avoided at any cost. The unforeseen accidents such as the other cars are passing by in speed and hit your car, cannot be avoided. But finding a cozy and risk-free place is mandatory. Select a clear spot and do check road surface for potential blind spots.

Car parked by a signboard that shows way to Saida in front of a red brick wall on a brick layout floor
Car Parked by a Signboard

Keep a Check on Overall Functionality

The car engine is the main part and the neglected one too, so it should be first checked. The running engine supports the functionality of the different parts. Experts suggest taking out the battery to avoid potential leakage is a good idea. You can also keep charging the battery now and then. As if it gets partially dead, a lot of effort is required to bring it back to its working condition. The completely dead battery is a loss of investment.
Make sure that you drive the car at least 2 times a week for short distances. When the need to drive long-distance arises, make sure that you properly check the car before taking it on road.

The Car Body Also Needs Attention

The exterior is the first touch-point that tells about the story of the car. Wax and seal the car paint, so it does not get worn out. The interior of the car is as crucial as any other part, do cross-check for storage of potential perishable item that you have forgotten. This way rodents and insects might not find your car an easy space to live. Check the small spaces, clear out the marks on the interior. Lastly, vacuum the car before locking it up. Cover the overall car for potential damage avoidance to maintain car during lockdown.

As your car, most probably, have survived with you in many life instances; so make sure that you do not leave it unattended during this pandemic. After all, in the new world, after this lockdown ends, you and your car will travel to many places and cover many new destinations.

Black and white image of a road with just one car telling lockdown situation now a days
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