Is it the Right Time to Buy Car during COVID-19 Outbreak?

Is it the Right Time to Buy Car during COVID-19 Outbreak?
buy car during covid

With the economies completely shut and everyday life under lockdown, asking the question, “Is it the Right Time to Buy Car during COVID-19 Outbreak?” seems a wrong question. But seeing the stats, such as discounts offered, and the markup being cut, this question seems genuine.

Understanding the Impact of Outbreak

According to several global surveys, with the businesses not allowed to operate considering the physical distancing factor, the companies have gone bankrupt. Like any other industry export of used cars from Japan has also been impacted. Many companies have downsized their employees, having more focus on core sales only. Others have been a victim of the current situation and have lost their market share. Only those who are proactive have been able to sustain. These are the companies that have understood the trend and have reduced their profit, to keep businesses functioning.

Do not Purchase Now

As the virus is air-born, so even breathing alongside a Corona patient can be dangerous for people with low immunity. The carriers of the virus coming in contact with any surface transmit it, so cars imported through the healthy-looking Corona carriers can be deadly for customers.

On top of that coming in contact with any person in the purchase process is highly risky. It is because of this and much more, the overall car buying by dealers and individuals has been reduced.

Purchase to Reap Benefits

As for many companies, it is the game of survival, so they are trying to sell at minimal functional cost, making it best to buy a car during COVID. The offers like keeping the cars in the yard for more than a month has made car purchase hard to resist, as in this period the virus would have died twice. With the least human contact, the processes are being automated. Reliable companies make sure that the chances of unhealthy contact are reduced, as they have a good-will to sustain. The largest auto-trading company, SBT Japan, has taken a further step to keep a check on the health and well-being of employees, and have worked on making their storage area properly sanitized.

If you were previously short of cash, and always wanted a car to drive, head to the website of leading auto-trading company. Select the car you want, talk on live-chat for negotiating of price, make an online payment, and get your car in a properly sanitized setup.

“Every calamity brings its share of opportunity, if you are smart enough, you can cash it this moment.”

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